New update 0.5.1


New version with a huge list of updates.

- NEW: Performance improvement in larger cities.
- NEW: New tutorial and task system.
- NEW: Logo changed on start screen.
- NEW: Game launch time increased.
- NEW: Music is now played on Linux.
- NEW: Burning apartments now have a possibility they don't burn down.
- NEW: Apartment people size increased.
- NEW: TechTree removed and moved description to tool tip in building menu and popups.
- NEW: Children only join the club if at least one football pitch exists.
- NEW: League competition starts with first football pitch.
- NEW: All team information now visible in Game screen.
- NEW: "Not enough money" had not been shown when using "Hardware cursor" option.
- NEW: New fundings and scrollable UI in Club house popup.
- NEW: Club house now contains jerseys.
- NEW: New income by jersey sales in the fan shop.
- NEW: Sound effects added (new and leaving players).
- FIX: Renovated apartments took over previous satisfaction value of 0.
- FIX: New apartments have a satisfaction freeze (no instant influence).
- FIX: More difficult to get people to make apartment "complete" for level.
- FIX: Football ground damage time and football field pitch condition time increased.
- UPDATE: "Upgrade all apartments" button removed due to gameplay reasons.
- UPDATE: Apartment needs changed.
- UPDATE: Prices for apartments adapted.
- UPDATE: Increased text sizes for UI.
- UPDATE: A lot of new and changed translations.

Info: the whole list of alpha notes can be found in the game main folder.

Files 85 MB
Mar 25, 2019 103 MB
Mar 25, 2019 98 MB
Mar 25, 2019

Get Road to your City (Demo)

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