A lonely cube lost all of its rainbow colors and have to go through 7 levels to get them back. Enjoy a big color mayhem.


  • WASD - move around (alternate movement with arrow keys)
  • SPACE - to shake and loose your current color


  • Djamschid Arefi
  • Jens Junker
  • Tobias König
  • Felix Manthe
  • Christian Ruppert



RainbowCube_windows.zip 31 MB
RainbowCube_linux_x86_x64.zip 35 MB
RainbowCube_mac_os_x.app.zip 32 MB


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Thanks Card Castle Studio! We already have some plans for future optimizations. The ground texture is one of it :)

We put the control (the player not the camera) in the FixedUpdate to have a bit of jitter because of the color. But we also thought about putting it in the LateUpdate. Thanks for your feedback! :)

Great Game overall, well executed concept and puzzles. I did notice some performance issues when their was a huge amount of paint on the ground along with jitters in the camera. To fix these in the future you might want to put a maximum paint sprite count and place the camera's transform in the Late Update.